DMVstats: Insert DMV Samples (Collect Sample DMVs)


I pick up an Error when I run the DMVstats: Insert DMV Samples job the Error is listed below on further investigate I notice it's linked to the update counter =1
Error Message:
Step ID 1
Job Name DMVstats: Insert DMV Samples
Step Name Collect Sample DMVs
Duration 00:00:00
Sql Severity 16
Sql Message ID 2560
Operator Emailed
Operator Net sent
Operator Paged
Retries Attempted 0
Executed as user: QBEEO\TestSQLServerAgent. ... time=Oct 5 2007 3:00:00:223PM [SQLSTATE 01000] (Message 50000) procid=1522104463 procname=sp_SampleRequests_Waiters @rows=1 @duration=0 milliseconds [SQLSTATE 01000] (Message 50000) procid=1618104805 procname=sp_SampleBlockInfo @rows=0 @duration=173 milliseconds [SQLSTATE 01000] (Message 50000) procid=1554104577 procname=sp_SampleWaitStats @rows=201 @duration=13 milliseconds [SQLSTATE 01000] (Message 50000) procid=1538104520 procname=sp_SampleSchedulers @rows=8 @duration=0 milliseconds [SQLSTATE 01000] (Message 50000) procid=1506104406 procname=sp_SamplePerfCounters @rows=0 @duration=0 milliseconds [SQLSTATE 01000] (Message 50000) procid=1570104634 procname=sp_CheckPerfCounterRules @rows=0 @duration=0 milliseconds [SQLSTATE 01000] (Message 50000) procid=1490104349 procname=sp_SampleDMVs @rows=0 @duration=186 milliseconds [SQLSTATE 01000] (Message 50000) Parameter 4 is incorrect for this DBCC statement. [SQLSTATE 42000] (Error 2560). The step failed.


sulaak wrote Oct 5, 2007 at 6:04 PM

I have resolve the problem

wrote Feb 14, 2013 at 2:29 AM