What SQL Server versions are supported/required?

Nov 21, 2007 at 2:40 PM

I've got this installed on an RTM (9.0.1399) standard edition server and the snapshot job keeps hanging with 100% of 1 CPU utilised. I note that the SQL Server 2005 Performance Dashboard stipulates the SP2 is required because of both new features and bug fixes.

From the PerfDash.chm:
"The report themselves also utilize new server side functionality added in Service Pack 2, notably sys.dmexectextqueryplan and an extension to the OBJECT_NAME() function to accept an optional dbid parameter, and also rely on several bug fixes related to the data reported in the dynamic management views (DMVs). Consequently, the SQL Server instance being monitored via the dashboard reports must also be running Service Pack 2 or higher."

How about DMVstats?